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Unlike Every Other Gym

I don't know about you but, I don't think wearing a black eye at work is a good look. Sure, learning a martial art is essential in today's world of increasing violence, but there must be safer ways of doing this?

Everywhere we look in the martial arts world, we find 2 extremes. Hard core brutal training methods or highly commercialised watered down methods where the only opponent faced is a focus pad .

World Class Training

Our whole ethos is built around supporting our members in becoming the best that they can be; demonstrating, through results, that we can use the principles taught to improve all areas of our life and achieve anything that we desire.

To do this takes honesty and it's this that we implement in our martial arts system and our own reflections on life.

Inflated ego does not have a place at IMAF Gym and we recognise that each of us need support and encouragement. 

Our training produces high level martial arts practitioners armed with the mental strength required to face all of life's challenges.

adult's martial arts classes in Mansfield

Choose Your Starting Package


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  • Unlimited Training until 31st October 2020 

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  • Complimentary Bottle of Cold Water

What Our Members Say...

This is a gem of a find. I really couldn’t be happier! You're welcomed in to such a positive environment. It's great fun whilst learning important self defence skills. I recommend IMAF Gym without a moments hesitation.

Sara Booth

Well, I've been to Doctors, Hospitals, Physiotherapists & Chiropractors.... Turns out all I needed to help my bad back, was the fantastic IMAF gym!

What a great place to learn a life changing new skill.

Daisy Meads

Anybody wanting to learn martial arts, keep fit and gain more confidence in yourself; this is the place to go.

You will achieve things that you wouldn't have thought possible.

I just can't stop going.. I love it!!

Ashley Cooper